Consume the right foods will help keep your body shape and health. If the menu you are select is right, it will keeps you being slim and healthy. The main of healthy and beauty of our body is, if the skin looks shiny and does not dull, not dry and in best humidity, hair looks moist and lustrous, nails strong and not easily broken, etc.

Do you already know what food is right for you? These are tips about food that will make you more beautiful and glamour. What is that? Let’s see some of the following:

~ Melon & Berry
The fruit has a low glucose, so that the maximum active and help you maintain skin tension.

~ Salmon & Avocado
In avocado and salmon contain omega 3. They have the same function to prevent inflammation that may occur in our body. Make sure to buy the fresh salmon, so that the substance omega 3 that are still not contaminated by other substances.

~ Mineral Water
70% of your body consists of water. The important part of your body depends on water, for example kidney. The important function of water is affected a life and death. Especially if they are a drunker and smoker, more effort will be needed to help remove poisons in your body

~ Wheat
In the wheat contain Biotin and this is the important substances that help hair and skin to be more powerful.

So if you want being fresh, health and more beautiful attractive, please try those tips. Not be difficult, isn't it ?

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