If you often experience a broken nail continuously, make sure you use gloves when in contact with water, because the nail that wet more easily fragile.If you want, you can turn the surface of the nail with a soft nail file to smooth the surface of your nails. However, you should do it once a month so that your nails do not become too thin and fragile.

Cuticle sometimes can experience irritation, which very painful. Be careful in the morning by using a clean nail clippers.

Place Tube hand cream in a place that easily, such as the kitchen cupboard, a table next to the bed or chair near you get relaxed. This can help you to ease when you want to use the cream to get soft hands.

For additional information, nails, which easily show that you lack of calcium. Calcium alone can you get in the milk (3%) and products processed from milk as the cheese.

1. Clear nail spreader with a long Nail Polish Remover.
2. Place your hands in warm water soap to refine the skin.
3. Use the Cuticle Remover Gel, leave for a few minutes and push back cuticle.
4. Use a nail file to form a nail dangan movement from side to the middle.
5. Use Nail Polish Remover once again to clean the nail on the remnants of gel and soap, so that your nails are ready to use the new nail spreader.
6. Cover your nail with 2-in-1 Nail Hardener nail spreader to create more resistance so long.
7. Use a spreader nail in the three movements directly, one down from the center and one to the side. Let the first coat to dry before using the second.
8. End with 2-in-1 Nail Hardener to protect and prevent nail color so broken.

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