Among all the modern things now, should we not be concerned myth and believe, and we know quite know. Sometimes myths able to overcome the logic, especially as women sometimes logic made in the number two ( just kidding ). Here are some myths about hair, can be read, trusted, or is done. The myths in this case is not related to the mystic. Instead of habits in the crown of our hair.

Myth a. Smoking can accelerate the growth of hair
This is "True"

There are a smoker research on the conditions associated with their hair. Research is a risk that the smoker 4 times faster than have gray hair that is not the smoker.
Myth b. UV rays cause hair fall
This "False"

Hair is one - the only protectors of the head from sunburn. And light up about the surface of hair only. This will not be making hair fall out. Because hair fall comes damage in hair cuticle because the skin pore closed with certain substances.
Myth c. Hair damage can be overcome with conditioner
This "False"

Conditioner works only prevent damage to the hair (with a note not excessive application). This is naturely because of conditioner has smooth and refine the hair cuticle layer. So easy to set your hair and your hair will be protected from damage.
Myth d. Stress causes hair fall
This is "True"

The condition of life, mental and emotional conditions greatly influence our hair. Because of the close relationship with the hair, then the depth of the stress or suffering because of postwar illnesses that can cause in the hamper even temporarily stop the growth of hair. When the condition of life, physical conditions and stress have been significantly reduced the growth of hair also good effect and will return to normal as the original.
Myth e. hairbrush can be infectious
This is "True"

This will happen when you lend each other or exchange with a hairbrush of people who suffer from head lice, then you also infected. Because the movement of the head lice can also through and equipment - a hairdresser other. Start using a hairbrush and other instruments of their own, without exchanging with other people.
Myth f. Using a lot of shampoo makes hair dry and fall
This "False"

The causes of hair fall is not often from shampoo. But more concerned with the situation hair cuticle. Frequency of shampoo you are not directly related to the problem of hair dry and fall. Try maximum shampoo 3 times a week and use a shampoo according to the type of hair to maintain the cleanliness of your hair and the softness. And the use shampo accordance with your hair type and adjust the dosage, not excessive.
Myth G. Sleeping with wet hair cause of mold
This "False"

Mold does not only come from a wet patch of hair on the pillow during our sleep. Mold in the scalp (tinea capitis) usually attack the vulnerable children, because the immune body is still weak compared adult.Infection people in the scalp can be derived from the transmission of bacteria from human, animal or equipment to arrange the hair could not hygiene.
Myth h. Often hair cut makes hair long faster
This "False"

Because of a haircut, then we will have a long and thick hair. Many factors affect the growth of hair length and thickness. In addition to nutrition is also true that treatment. Hair has a consistent time to grow by itself, unless you suffer from certain diseases. You can use hair products that can increase the volume of hair or even change the hairdo seem to be more bold.

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