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Staying fit with healthy low calorie snacks for adults is important if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eating low calorie snacks for adults is a great way to stay on track with your diet plan or program. Eating healthy can help you lose weight and keep your cholesterol and blood pressure under control. Remember, being healthy is not only about what you eat but also how active you remain. So, get outside or to the gym for physical activity at least three times as week.

1. Choose Filling Snack Foods
Studies show there are certain types of foods which can make you feel fuller for longer periods of time. If you want to stick to your diet program or plan, it’s important to feel full so you don’t binge between meals. Foods which are high in fiber are the best options, as scientists know fiber works with the body to keep you feeling full for longer periods of time.

2. Choose Simple and Easy Foods
If you have to take an hour for the preparation of your snack, chances are you won’t force yourself to eat it very often. After all, who has an hour each day to make snack? When thinking of snacks, choose recipes or preparations which require very little time. Easy options include fresh fruit and vegetables with low calorie yogurt dips. Keep these things available in your home or office so you can quickly grab them to satisfy your hunger without wrecking your diet plan.

3. Choose to Portion Control Healthy Snacks
When eating snack, portions count! So, keep your snacks in small portions to calm your craving but also keep you within your required low-calorie range. The best options to go for if you have trouble with portions are the pre-packaged 100 calorie options at your grocery store. Companies like Quaker and Nabisco make it easy for adults to get low calorie snacks without requiring much thought or effort. With these incredibly delicious and easy options, you have no excuses!

4. Choose Small Indulgences on Any Eating Plan or Diet
Sure, you can have a sweet or forbidden treat every now and again before or after your meal. But again, you must think about eating a small amount of high calorie foods, to turn them into a low calorie snack option. If you don’t think you can control yourself to eat just a small amount, skip it altogether.


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Many women dream of their perfect wedding day, are constantly tuned into the Wedding Channel or flipping through Brides Magazine and hope not one single thing goes wrong. Most importantly however, they want to look and feel beautiful. After all, wedding pictures usually stay on parents’ mantles for years. While makeup and the dress are important, it’s also vital for brides to give great thought to wedding hairstyles . If you’re planning the wedding of your dreams, use these wedding hairstyle tips to gather ideas for your big event.

Classic Wedding Hairstyles
For years brides have been wondering how to wear their hair on their special day. Some women dream of a traditional wedding look, complete with an elegant French Twist. Some of the most classic hairstyles include a high or low bun, ringlet curls, a curly updo twist and a bouffant. Classic wedding hairstyles often look very formal on any bride or bridesmaid in the bridal party. Most often, a classic wedding hairstyle will be completed and topped off with a beautiful traditional wedding veil.

Long Hair: Wedding Hairstyles
When you have long hair, choosing a wedding hairstyle can be a challenge. After all, you can wear it up or down, with ease. If you’re trying to create a romantic and fairy-tale inspired wedding theme, you may want to choose to let your hair flow in curls. However, if you prefer to be able to stay cool during your reception party, you can always choose to have it swept off of your neck into a braid with flowers. The best way to think about your long hair choices is to think about your dress. If you have a dress with great back detailing, you’ll likely want to wear your hair in an updo. However, if the back of your dress is not your focus area wearing your hair down is perfectly appropriate.

Short Hair: Wedding Hairstyles
Just because you’re hair is short doesn’t mean you don’t have options on your wedding day. Many brides with short hair are choosing to forgo veils and in exchange wearing beautiful tiaras on their wedding day. For a modern twist, messy curls can make a tiara look less formal and more chic. If a tiara isn’t your “thing” you can instead choose to use a sparkling hair clip, decorative bobby pins or even tuck a flower behind your ear for extra flair.

Modern Wedding Hairstyles
Creating a modern look on your wedding day is all about the simple and easy wedding hairstyles and accessories. Today’s modern bride often chooses to wear her hair down and straightened. The modern wedding hairstyles are less focused on curls and ribbons and more focused on looking polished, sophisticated and elegant. Instead of going for the same French Twist a bride wore to her high school prom, a modern gal will choose to keep her hair simple and fuss-free. Often modern brides will choose to go without a veil and will tuck one single flower bud behind her ear to complete her wedding look.

Source : freebeautytips.org


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When the Emperor Napoleon of France was about to return from battle, he sent a message to Josephine. “Am returning in three days. Don’t wash.” While modern-day noses may not agree with Napoleon’s sentiments, there is some evidence that lovers are attracted by each others’ natural smell above and beyond the scents of soap, perfume, fragrance, cologne and chewing gum. That we are influenced by naturally-emitted scents called pheromones, so subtle and yet so powerful that we can be drawn to or repelled by people for reasons we don’t even understand.

Old factory research has shown that certain odors can prevent shoplifting, inspire confidences and make us hungry even when our stomachs are full. The perception of fragrance is embedded in the portion of our brains where emotions arise, making smells from childhood immediate memory triggers, and creating a strong emotional pull towards or away from smells depending on the positive or negative associations of the memories they are attached to.

Choosing a perfume is like choosing a lover: you don’t rush; you learn everything you can; you take your own feelings seriously. With an eye to these requirements, the aim of this article is to teach you about the types of fragrance, the fragrance families, the right ways to wear perfume, and how to shop for the perfect perfume.