This article comes from a question of my friend, who can not mention her name. She asks me, sis ... how do I satisfy my husband?. She asks about sex style i ever do,hehehehe. I'm not too experienced in this case, while I’m browsing in my computer, I found this great article. And mixed a little bit of my personal experience. Wish me, it can be helping my friend problems.

There are several styles makes your sex life 'hot' and preferred when many couples are makes intimate. Most women are also enjoying those positions below.

In the style of missionaries, women are under men's and above. This style is not recommended if you're wife is pregnant, it can be painful for your wife.

Woman on top, women hold more control than the men. Women can be more self-control and a comfortable position for herself. And in this position could stimulated enthusiastic and women can achieve orgasm faster.

Doggie style is the style usually men like, the body postures of your wife will look very sexy and could makes men inflame. In addition, in this makes doggie style vagina to be tight and the position of the penis can go in full to the vagina.

to make that an alternative style can be a good choice for cases of emergency is a Non-penetration sex appeal. Sex does not enter the penis into vagina, but in a way to stimulate or hug each other until getting orgasm.

CAT Are the most simple style. In principle, such as the missionary position, but the male body to promote a few centimeters, so that it first touches the clitoris. The men's and women straighten legs Ascending-down pelvis.

This seks spoon style similar to the spoon. Sex position in which his wife is lying beside the husband. And husband is behind his wife and makes penetration with both hands free to hold or embrace his wife's back.

Style is a couple sleeping alongside each other but each other face-to-face. One of the wife in the leg lift to give the husband the opportunity to do penetration. This style is very suitable if you are pregnant.

a woman sat in the husband's lap in a position vis-à-vis. Then man to penetration from the front. While doing penetration could embrace his wife or husband and husband's shoulder to hug his wife's body tight.

Whatever style you choose, you have to enjoy your sex life with your partner. If you have not time to find the best style for you, keep with the tried to exploration and try different styles, both of you may enjoy.


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