If you do face exercises every day, even though only 5 minutes, your musculature face will relax. Musculature face exercise makes your face pure, cheerful, shine so you will always appear ageless.

Joyful, laughing and always thinking positively is the key to happy life. Those who hold the key to this is usually cheerful, glow and ageless. However, those who are wistful and always thinking negatively about anything, is usually not pure. It seems that they overburdened. So their face looks tousled-lined furrow. Not surprisingly, people like that have looks older than their real age. One simple way to get a shine face and a tight and ageless face is doing face exercise.

These following tips doing face exercises:

a. Stand or sit facing mirror, and smile at yourself.
b. Get mouth rotation right and left.
c. Rotating your eyes ball to the top, bottom, right and left.
d. Wide-open mouth for 10 seconds.
e. Move your mouth and tongue to the top, bottom, right and left side. Don’t forget to smile.
f. Next, rotate your eye ball to right, top, left and down. After that close your eyes shortly.
g. Make a motion like you are in practicing vowel letters (A, I, U, E, and O)
h. frowned your forehead up and down.
i. Move your nose to the right and left.
j. Then pull your neck muscle, up to your chin-shaped oval. Then play your chin to the right and left.

Perform each exercise as much as 8 times. Do face exercises for about 10 minutes every day. Then drink water at least 1 liter to make good blood circulation.

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