Milk known has many benefits, both used to be drunk or being fermentation such as cheese. But had been already know if milk can make skin brightening? Let’s find out the benefits here.

Milk contains beta hydroxyl acid substances naturally, is now often used to mix in body scrub. In addition, milk also contains protein are using for nutrients supplying of which have function making skin smooth and elastic.

When I was in my boarding house, I have experiment of body scrub with my roommate. We usually mix the traditional body scrub with instantly milk powder. We believes a mixture of traditional body scrub with milk, could make healthy skin and smoothing. Mixing milk has function as soft body peeling which is able to lifting dirty skin and brightens skin instantly.

There are tips to make body scrub with milk:
a. Mix instantly body scrub powder or similar with water
b. After those step, mix orangeade or lemon lime indeed
c. Add few spoons of instant milk powder, with same comparison with body scrub1:1

How application body scrub milk:
a. Applying mixture milk body scrub to whole body, especially skin fold areas (you also can use olive oil before applying body scrub)
b. Leave it up for second till half-dry, then scrub gently. No need to rough, because of mixture milk easily peeling body dirt.
c. After you have finished, clean your body with taking a bath

Let's we try these cheap skin care tips for smoothing, brightens and healthy skin

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