Perfume has become part of daily life, not only for your women, but also men. Men are people who never thought to match him fragrance with their fashion and style. Here are a few guidelines to determine what fragrance Perfume as a fit for men.

See the type of condition your skin :

~ For oily skin
Oily skin will strengthen and encourage the smell. Damp body with oily skin will respond with a mild odor Citrus basis, because these elements to help to balance the 'natural smell' issued from the body.

~ For dry skin
Dry sensitive skin can not hold the smell as long oily skin. Try to choose perfumery more severe and thicker, with a base such as the smell of tobacco, Musk, and timber. This smells like a strong will survive and stronger cover body odor.

Tips before buying perfume :
a. when you are trying to track down a lot of fragrance perfume, your nose is not so sensitive anymore. If you already are in a situation like this, please smell coffee beans, not coffee-it, but the coffee bean as neutralizer smell.

b. Remember, not all perfume fit for all events and all the place settings. Perfume is made to fit the office do not necessarily fit a night when events need to be sensual. So you have to selecting a scent which is complement to support all events

c. In choosing perfume not just fragrant. Lifestyle is also need to be considered. If you have a habit with spicy food, like alcohol, or smoker, the smell automatically from all who have consumed this will be brought to participate in sweat. So try to select fragrance which perfumery will be mixed with this material, so that will be mutually supportive and will ‘not kill’ each other.

d. If you find that you feel fit, leave the first option that survive for five minutes. After five minutes, smell again. A strong perfumery will last too long and eventually puncture. Smell the fit, it will evaporate and perfumery will be a fun show after this period.

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