Everyone has the hope of a healthy skin and soft. But some people sometimes forget how to protect it. That their concern for their smooth skin with them, how many will be done. Such as visiting the salon to do with the various treatments that may also be expensive way. In many ways, which is relatively inexpensive and can still be done in their own homes.

You can take your favorite fruit in their skin care. Can with strawberry, cucumber, avocado, banana or lemon, etc.. Fruit is a natural oxidants and nutrition, which is very refreshing skin and body. Ability in the toxicant could counteract body is very good. Lemon fruit and bananas can be used in the treatment of skin function refine the skin. This is because there is the content of Potassium in bananas and Vitamin C that is generated from the lemon that is able to maintain water in the skin.

And place a spa or salon use to overcome the rough and dry skin Take the peeled bananas and fruit and lemon. Fruit in the second one is a clean container. Add 2 spoons pure honey and 1 spoon margarine, then crushed a small, so there is no water about. After this, apply the mixture on the skin of your hands and feet. Then Leave about 30 minutes, until the last trickle. Then wash with cold water clean.

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