For many men, there are some all too common beliefs about sexuality that undermine marriages. Some of the enduring myths men have about sex and offers ways for men to rekindle their relationships and sex lives.

Hordes of horny women beg to differ. It's not that women don't crave a good romp, it's just that the mechanics of getting turned-on are a little more complicated for women than those of a man. When a man wants to have sex, it's the only thing on his mind. For a woman, the libido tends to be more easily.

On the contrary, good sex for a woman often begins long before the moment of her partner's full salute. Satisfying sex for both partners begins with foreplay, whether it is fast and fun or drawn-out and sensual. But men who give their wives and girlfriends affection throughout the day, provide her with pleasure and act thoughtfully are more likely to get lucky at night.

Sex is a team sport, not a one-man game. As such, it's most titillating when both partners are getting their needs met and fantasies realized. Research shows that the best sex is often the result of the man letting his partner have a lot of influence over their love-making experience. Men: Encourage your partners to express themselves about their sexual wants and needs. Fulfilling another's desires can sometime be the secret to spectacular sex.

It's not the temptation that signals a problem, it's the giving into it. A loving relationship can't protect against flirtatious co-workers or attractive acquaintances, but men do have the ability to control their urges.

Make-up sex loses its charm pretty quickly when it's the only sex you ever have. Communication -- not a few sessions of steamy sex -- is the foundation of every successful relationship. Communication meltdowns and tense conversations occur when people feel threatened, so both partners should work to make each other feel emotionally safe. A deep emotional connection greatly improves a sexual connection.

The truth is that some of the best sex couples have is scheduled and planned for. Though it may sound mundane, scheduled sex can be a boon for a busy, sex-starved couple waiting for that spur-of-the-moment escapade that never comes.

Not if your make the effort to keep it interesting. Research shows that people married for a long time have the most frequent and satisfying sex lives of anyone, even the swinging singles. That's because committed couples trust one another enough to express their deepest desires. Moreover, the emotional connection established over years allows for erotic levels of intimacy. Since sex is often as much about trust as it is about chemistry, long-term relationships offer the possibility of a high-quality and high-quantity sex life.

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