Have you ever wondered "what is the secret to a long and happy marriage?". May the advice tips will help you answer that very question! These secrets to a happy marriage come straight from those who are happily married!

♣ Never assume and compliment more than you criticize.
♣ For each time you vent about your husband/wife to your friends, tell three positive stories.
♣ Remember that it is ok to do things differently (e.g. there is more than one way to peel a potato or fold the laundry).
♣ Always make time for the two of you.
♣ Marry someone that you enjoy listening and talking to.
♣ Remember that marriage is sometimes a bed of roses and sometimes there are thorns.
♣ Remember that the best gift that you can give your children is to love their mother/father.
♣ Be fair! Split the housework, spending money, etc evenly. This way you are never resentful of your partners contributions (or lack of) or expenditures.
♣ Never go to bed angry. (Unless it's 3a.m. and you're exhausted, angry, and not thinking straight.)
♣ Remember that people do fight. It's how you do it that matters.
♣ Before starting an argument, consider if it's really worth it and try to fight naked. ;)
♣ Agree to disagree and never, ever mention the "D" word (divorce).
♣ Respect each other's privacy.
♣ Remember that "love is like childhood. You need to learn to share."
♣ Marriage is not 50/50, it's two people giving 100/100 all of the time.
♣ Surprise each other now and then.
♣ Never pass up an opportunity to say "I love you"and always hold hands.
♣ Hug and kiss every day (several times a day actually!).
♣ Always believe that you got better than you deserved and be quick to say "I'm sorry".
Choose the one you love, then love the one you choose.
♣ Keep the in-laws out of your marriage!
♣ Love isn't always a feeling, it's a decision.
♣ Hang in there. It's worth it.
♣ Play nice, play often, love much.
♣ Never keep secrets from each other.
♣ Be each other's champion. No matter what, take your husband or wife's side first!
♣ Communication is the key and always respect each other.
♣ Never underestimate the power of a good belly-laugh and don't be afraid to laugh at yourself.
♣ It's ok to argue, but never use curse words to express your anger.
♣ Never compare your marriage to others. What you see on the outside is not always what it is on the inside.
♣ Don't make love in the same place/position everytime. Variety is the spice of life!
I wish it will help us who is getting marriage.

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