Hello guys, this time talking about the area around the vagina. Hygiene factors vital area of women is important, to avoid infection causes itching, redness or swelling on the skin. Sometimes the area of sudden itchy vagina and humid, it is now for this article was written. You must know the next step.

a. Choose shorts that of cotton that is able to absorb perspiration. Because the sweat and oil produced by the body that can make skin pore closed. This can cause skin irritation and rash on the skin surrounding areas.
b. Do not leave the area vital we dry or too moist, because it can trigger irritation and itching on the skin.
c. Clean your vital area as often as possible you can do. Not only need to use a cleanser that many in the market. Ideally you use the appropriate cleaning PH vital area women. Because PH is not suitable will kill the bacteria that is in need.
d. To avoid the spread of your germs and bacteria always use a special powder and moisturizer vital area. You can spread baby oil, aloevera, baby powder or moisturizer like to irritation and infection which may occur in your genital area.
e. If you need to shave our private area, a shave at least once a month with a shaver that is still new, clean and sharp. Shave with the direction of hair growth that does not hurt.

This is meant to cut the process does not repeat, because it can make skin irritation. Because the cut area is vital we do not cut hair or mustache. We suggest you do so in rilex and lift the foot and open wide in order to improve your shave. You should also remember the vital areas of our skin is very thin and sensitive, so do not shave too often.

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