Sexual relations are often seen as a means of achieving orgasm, not to express affection. If not achieved orgasm sometimes we feel frustrated, cranky and even felt there was something wrong with our sexual life.

An orgasm is a very enjoyable release of built-up tension and energy. Orgasm are different for everyone, making them difficult to define. Some people describe the sensation as a tingle, whereas others describe explosive feelings all over the body.

In fact, orgasm can not be forced, and sometimes can not be achieved if we do not recognize their own body.

When you and your partner are connected physically and emotionally, sex is a means to free them, free from pressure and disrupt the mind. However, did you imagine that the desire to reach orgasm itself can be one of the pressures in the sexual relationship?

Try the following tips:
a. Think five-part body and the condition is the most easy to make a wish.
b. Use hands to explore and find a different sensation at the touch of your body. Give enough time to enjoy the sensation that you create yourself. Find at least five areas, and then let your partner know how you want to be treated area.
c. To fine-tune your orgasmic ability, ensure you're relaxed, rested and able to concentrate on the moment. Switch off your phone and try to tune out the stresses of daily life.
d. Try variations of sex with new eyes closed, and then ask your partner to exploration your entire body. Do touch, smell, lick or bite soft. Be honest to your self, the excitement is the most powerful of sensation. So you can find your body sensasion was especially sexual desire , and in fact you can make inflame.
e. Often, people find it difficult to climax because they're waiting for it to happen. The irony is, if you really focus on trying to have an orgasm, you're probably less likely to have one.

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