I really like to coloring my hair, looks fresh when change hair color. Sometimes because of wrong treatment, the color disappears quickly and pale. I try to share with friends about that treatment.

Before hair coloring, specify in advance the right color. Because of hair colors which is applied means that your hair is not normal anymore. Because of chemical substances that are very hard. Therefore we have to be smart in taking care of hair. Take at least 4 months to restore hair fromdamage after coloring. You can use conditioner when your hair getting dry.

After finished apply hair colored, do not try with it one day after the coloring, and also avoid washing with hot water because it will reduce the humidity and opens the hair cuticle. To maintain the color, use shampoo that is devoted to hair color and suit with condition of hair. Or you can use a color enhancer which have functions like hair conditioner. You also need to use a special lotion to polish the hair color, like color enhancer, but its function is. Lotion works to coat each strand of hair to maintain the hair color.

There is a research hair color could causes cancer. And this is mostly affects women, How? Because women have considered genetic variation. Hair coloring can certainly cause the formation of harmful blood cells such as multiple myeloma, leukemia and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Although there is no definitive evidence about this, but the artificial hair coloring can cause the formation of harmful blood cells associated with the disease of cancer. Even the use of time in a long time, especially for dark color can increase the risk Hodgkin disease (lymph cancer).

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