To have a healthy breast and elasticity does not always expensive. Providing with the routinity care for and maintain it. It should not expensive and doesn't need to do breast surgery. How is:

♦ Clean the area around the nipple with a cotton drabble with warm water, to keep the breast in order to remain clean from germs and bacteria.
♦ Wipe with regular olive oil movement soft play, it is intended to maintain the elasticity of skin breast.
♦ Use the appropriate size of bra, do not force the bra size is not suitable only for a model. Because the bra is too tight will make the blood circulation is not smooth. That is too loose-fitting bra is not good, because we make a breast look down.
♦ Try a five minute light exercises to strengthen chest muscles. Bath time check the condition of your breast with the fingers and hands directed upwards, so that detected supposing there is a change from the form of your breast.
♦ To ensure that the forms remain elastic and try to soak breast for 10 minutes with cold water before sleeping every day.

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