Neck treatment also can not be pass from the other body treatments. Because the neck, one of important part of the face that we need beautiful views. Neck is a part of the body who quickly dull, it cause own neck which is the skin fold. So much oil is at the nest. Therefore, the neck treatment is also important to consider.

Here are some tips that you can do in treathment skin of the neck:

1. Do Sports regularly
2. Don't often leave the tense situation in the neck and face. You can press the mouth of the sky using the tongue to the tension for a few seconds
3. You should eating foods with high nutrition can be able to maintain health of yout skin.
4. Routine to clean of the face make up for the faint of cosmetics neck when not cleaned
5. Routine to treatment using face cream, for example:

a. You can use a towel scrub / tissue to remove the dirt, and mounting external layer of skin and skin cells - dead skin cells which can not be separated only with facial scrubs.
b. Use Sunblock in the morning to protect from ultra violet, because the UV cause age spots (brown spot).
c. use wrinkle moisturizer to avoid - in the neck wrinkle, and can prevent dry and itchy skin
d. If you are using anti-ageing, use also in the neck area with a gentle massage that nutrition diffluent perfect.

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