This technique revoke some eyebrows, which is also part of the beautify your eyebrows. When the right time you are finished bathing or washing the face. Because of the time, the skin open and ease revocatory in the eyebrows. Here are some ways that can be used so the results can be proportional and maximum.

☻ Eyebrows should be revoked per piece.
☻ To avoid pain when pulled, pull the skin with your finger. Use the tweezers and hair pins its roots are not so fracture.
☻ Do not dislodge from the outside because the pain will be appreciated. Movement with a quick movement and the same direction.
☻ Bunch every time you pull a finish that still symmetrical, if necessary, add eyebrow pencil.
☻ In addition, you can also do waxing to revoke eyebrows. Hot candle wax is used to dislodge and establish a line of eyebrows you want.

The techniques is to apply the wax in accordance with the growth of eyebrows. Is the maximum distance of 1.5 cm between the two eyebrows, if too much will make an impression on your nose.

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