Many women forget about foot treatment because too focused on the facial skin care. If you want your skin looks good, extra treatment is needed. Try this way to care and restore the beauty of skin foot with simple concoction of coffee.

This following prescription:
- 3 tbs coffee,
- 1 tbs olive oil,
- 5 tbs lotion is first cooled in the refrigerator,
- 2 boxes of milk liquid,
- 500 ml warm water
[*tbs = tablespoon]

How to make :
a. Pour warm water into the basin and mixed with liquid milk.
b. Continue to make scrub with coffee blend with olive oil and lotion that have been prepared.

To apply, put your feet in to basin and pour for a few minutes. Then,dabbing with scrub on the heels, saddle finger, and foot.

Make a light massage and lubricate it. Pour back foot in the basin to solve dry skin and dead skin cell layer. Rinse again with clean water and dried with soft towel.Enjoyed!

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