There are many types of wine or wine styles which are produced throughout the world. While most people know the difference between basic red and white wine types, the other various styles can get a bit confusing. This section is meant to be an introduction to wine types you may encounter. Where applicable, we will include information about how the wine styles are produced differently and their unique characteristics in terms of aroma, flavor and food pairing. So grab a glass of wine and read on.

a. Dry wines
Often called "table wines", dry wines are the most common wine style which are produced in hundreds of regions around the world.
* Dry White Wine
* Rosé Wine
* Dry Red Wine

b. Sparkling wines
While Champagne is the most famous, many regions produce sparkling wines which have any where from a small amount to intense effervescence (bubbles). While most are white, some are pink and some are even red.
* Champagne
* Rosé Champagne
* Prosecco
* Sparkling Red Wine
* Other Sparkling Wine

c. Sweet wine or dessert wine
Some wines are produced with residual sugar in the finished wine, giving the wine a sweet taste. These can vary from only off-dry to super, sticky sweet. The most sweet are often considered dessert wines as they are often served after a meal.
* Sweet White Wine :
a. Botrytis (Noble Rot)
b. Ice Wine (Eiswein)
c. Late Harvest Wine
* Sweet red wine (Late Harvest Wines and Fortified Wines)

d. Fortified wine
Fortified wines are produced with the addition of a small amount of grape spirit. The include both dry and sweet styles.
* Port Wine (Porto)
* Madeira
* Sherry

Source : http://www.wine-tastings-guide.com

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