Nowadays, when we are talking about car, it is not only defined as a media of transportation, but also the definition of style and character of the driver. Today’s cars are very personal, and we can express our ides through it. One way to personalize our car is by adding body kit. We can find so many body kit models we can use as our inspiration, but the main thing we must consider before we order the body kit is the materials used.

The main materials for body kit are urethane and fiber. Urethane has better quality than fiber. It has strong resistance and can be made for extreme modification. Unfortunately, if we break some parts of the urethane body kit, we have to replace it with the new one because it cannot be covered or polished. This material is not a perfect choice for bad driver or one who love to do the extreme driving style or drifting.

For our daily car, we can choose car body kits from fiber material. This material is not as expensive as urethane, but it has less resistance. Luckily, crack or damage on the fiber material can be easily fixed, so we do not have to replace the whole body kit. Both of the materials are good materials, now it depends on our condition and budget. No matter what material we want to use, for the best service, we can visit