The elders may seem weak and always need our help in anything that they do, but sometimes they become too hard to approach because of their will to live independently. The basic reason is because they do not want to make us feel troubled because of them. Therefore, they prefer to live alone rather than stay with us.

Their condition may make us feel uneasy to let them stay alone and as the result, we will go to visit them everyday. But, there are times when we cannot go to their house because of our busy schedules and bunches of projects to do. At this kind of situation, we need to get some helps. Since our elders enjoy spending their retirement days alone, the only solution is to ask them to use the Medical Alert in case there is unexpected incident happens. This Medical Alert needs to have perfect system. Like the one which is launched by Brickhouse Alert. Their Medical Alert is completed with the fall detection system which works automatically with direct emergency signal for emergency help. So, although the elder is alone and cannot push any button when the incident happens, helper will still come immediately and save them.

Visit their official website at and call them by phone at 877- 632-5378.

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