I've seen on television are booming about lipo suction. Many of celebrities that make instant body slimming because of job factors. They just do not directly and immediately 'sell' their bodies in celebrity’s world. Hmmm ... sounds good to do this method. But is it safe for me?

In medical world, it has been heard and only doctors recommend the ones who do it. The first aim to do this is for healthy needs, but now is used for beauty aesthetic. And may be the patient of it not even people who are really overweight, but women / men who do it for inner satisfaction needs.

I know liposuction is a method to reduce fat under our skin in certain parts of the body with a small hole in skin to remove fat. Liposuction aims to get shape of body, such as stomach, hips, thigh, arms and our face in accordance with our needs. But once I imagine there is such a cosmetic surgery, I was afraid to do so. I'm afraid because of the scar so it will be seen.

Finally, I try to find another alternative to eliminate my body fat in addition to my food diet. I see there is method in Zenora laser liposuction. In my imagination, I don’t need to do plastic surgery that is painful even though giving anesthesia. Very interesting, and I will let my friends who have the same problem. In Zerona clinic, they offer a technique using a laser ray is not painful. Looks like everyone will enjoy the treatment. They were able to create new techniques in world of beauty, especially lipo laser. So bye…. plastic surgery is so painful hehehehe….. I have to try it out, besides we do not irritate our body, our feeling will not worry cause the scar on my skin. My friends must try it if they want instantly body slim and painless.